We are excited as you check out Tonawanda Church of Christ online.  We believe the Church is the hope for this world and we serve here to express that Jesus is the Savior of all who come to Him.  Jesus does so many exciting things for us that we want others to share in the joy we know in Him.
TCC is not only a Church we love but one that we believe in.  God has done many exciting things in our past, and we look forward to what God has planned for us in the future.
Spending a few minutes here you have an interest in who we are as a Church.  You may also have some questions; maybe about life, the Bible, Jesus, or the Church.  We would love to have an opportunity to work through those questions together with you.
At TCC we are not perfect.  We are a group of people who have made mistakes and have been rescued by Jesus.  We have been rescued from the mess of our past and been given a future of hope.  Partner with us on our journey toward loving Jesus together.
You can call us or send us an email,  716-260-2751 tchurchc35@gmail.com
We do not solicit funding from outside our congregation. 
If you see our name (TCC or Tonawanda Church of Christ) associated with any website, go fund me page, or advertisement of any sort, please write to us, call the Church office, or email us to verify we have approved the message.