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We try to be active in spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Many of the ways we do this is through various events where you can get to know us on a personal level.  From musicals to family fun events there is something for everyone.  Come join us for fellowship at your convenience.


6-4       Fellowship Sunday. We have a fellowship meal after service starting around 12. Feel free to come in and join us. You can bring something if you like or just be our guest. 
       6-10      Men’s prayer breakfast 8am-10. 
       6-30      June 30th – July 2nd is family camp at Mountain-view Christian Service Camp. Email us for more information. 
       7-8        Men’s prayer breakfast 
       7-(10-14) Vacation Bible School 6:30-8:30 – Theme is Ready, Set, Move!
If you would like  more information concerning any event or service here at TCC, please call or email the office at 716-260-2751,
Minister: John Tindell- 330-429-5717,